Complex Care

Services-Pros-Complex-BodyDrs. Chiu and Singh have extensive training and experience treating complex dental conditions.  Prosthodontic training has taught us how to analyze the oral cavity from a number of different aspects such as function, esthetics, form and comfort to build your mouth back to a healthy state. We aim to make sure you’ll be eating well now and for years to come.


What is considered “complex” ?

When one is born without teeth or missing teeth, complexity begins right away. For these cases, we usually need to form a cranialfacial team that manages the variety of issues the child can run into as they develop.  For people with their permanent teeth, complexity arises as one loses their tooth or has lost multiple teeth. This can stem from cavities, periodontal disease, accidents, and other medical issues that might be occurring simultaneously.  When missing teeth are not restored in a timely matter, your teeth and jawbones can start to shift and drift into an unhealthy state. For patients with teeth, the mouth can be complex when there is severe wearing of the tooth structure due to grinding, or unhealthy diets or habits.


If you are complex …

There is hope and a variety of options that can be utilized to restore the mouth.

Dental implants are one of the best advances in dentistry in the last 20 years! Basically, a titanium “screw-like” fixture is placed into the bone where the teeth are missing and this can be utilized in various different ways to build the dentition back. This can be a great option for a single missing tooth, or multiple implants can be used for bridges and even full mouth restorations. There is definitely a buzz around the “All-On-4” concept for people missing all their teeth and implants.  Contact us about it.

Another option would be fixed crown and bridge work, which is utilizing the remaining teeth as anchors or abutments, around the missing teeth and building an esthetic bridge to fill the spaces.

Removable prostheses are another option, such as complete or partial dentures, which can be made very comfortable, especially due to the doctors’ specialty training and attention to meticulous details.  Some times dental implants can be used in conjunction with the removable prosthesis to provide the best treatment.

As prosthodontists, we work extensively with other dental specialists to provide the optimal dental care. In some cases however, Dr. Singh and Dr. Chiu are very comfortable performing basic extractions of teeth if required.  Also, both doctors have taken additional training to place implants, so they can offer this treatment to you in their office for your convenience and when applicable!