Congenital Anomalies

There are numerous conditions where patients maybe missing a tooth or teeth due to genetics or congenitally developmental issues.  These particular patients need various specialists to intervene at an early age in life to monitor the development of the child.

When planning treatment for such patients, the dental specialists team needs to get involved in order to insure the foundations of the mouth are healthy and strong.   Over time, various procedures will be performed to ensure they will be eating and smiling when they reach adult age.

As prosthodontists, Dr. Chiu and Dr. Singh have treated such patients and have had successful, esthetic results so please see us for an evaluation early on to make sure you’re followed through to a good healthy smile.


When can I get some dental implants?

Unfortunately most patients in this category need to wait until they essentially “stop growing” before dental implants can be placed. As the child grows, their bones are moving and changing and we certainly don’t want an implant in an area where the bone is still evolving. We can take certain xrays to evaluate when growth is stopped. Late teen years are a rough estimation of when a person should get implants. However, there are other procedures (ie, braces and bone grafts) that one may need years in advance before they reach this age.