Occlusal Disease/Full mouth Reconstruction

Services-Pros-Occlusal-BodyThere are many reasons that a patient may need a full mouth reconstruction to fix their teeth.  There are severe grinders who have destroyed the biting surfaces of their teeth. Erosion of the teeth from soda, citrus or lemon juice, acid reflux,  and bulimia may cause deteriorating tooth structure as well.  A patient may have been born or has suffered from an accident and is missing teeth or broken teeth.


Building a patient’s mouth back up to health, esthetics, and full function is very complex but at the same time it is a very rewarding treatment!  There is much planning and diagnostic preparation that goes into this.  At the end, most people are smiling like they haven’t smiled in years.


Reconstruction step by step…


When a patient first presents for this type of treatment, impressions and photos are necessary to aid in creating the correct plan.  Diagnostic wax ups of how the teeth are planned to look and function are essential.  Some times, foundation work may be necessary to make sure the teeth are in the right position and the gums and bone are healthy.  When this is necessary, the doctors will work with their team of specialist dentists – orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, and endodontists  if their skills are required to aid in our final plan.


When the foundation of the mouth is strong, we will prepare the teeth and provisional restorations will be fabricated based on the wax ups that were initially done.  Your provisionals will look like the final restorations and can be adjusted along the way.  Eventually the acrylic provisionals are changed to the definitive restorations.  The finals crowns are esthetically pleasing since they will be made in porcelain and function naturally like how your teeth use to be!