Traumatic Injuries

There are numerous conditions where people injure their teeth due to trauma or accidents. This can result in broken or “popped out” teeth. Other times, your tooth is jolted but in a stable condition. Either situation should make you contact a dentist!

These emergency cases need to be evaluated as soon as possible before things get worse. For the long term however, various dental specialists may need to get involved in order to ensure the foundations of the mouth are healthy and strong so that we can get your smile and eating abilities back.


As prosthodontists, Drs. Chiu and Singh have treated such patients and have had successful, esthetic results.  Call us as soon as possible if you injure your teeth.


What If I Wait ?

In the worst case scenario, an infection can develop which would potentially lead to an abscess, pain, redness, swelling, and fever. IF this does occur and there is no dentist around, go to your nearest hospital.  Believe us, it is NOT worth waiting for.


On a side note however due to implants these days, it would not always be in your best interest to just get your front tooth or root taken out even if it is broken – often the front bone is taken away but we need it to secure the implant. Ask your dentist how your extraction can affect you getting implants later.


My tooth just got knocked out, now what ?

The tooth needs to be replanted into the socket as soon as possible, and if you do it yourself, make sure the tooth isn’t dirty and it is aligned properly then go see your dentist immediately. If you cannot do it yourself, place it in cold milk right away if possible (or clean cold water if no milk is available within 10 minutes) and go see a dentist or contact us right away. DO NOT let the tooth dry out if possible.