What Sets Us Apart

As trained prosthodontists, we have three years of intensive training beyond dental school, which naturally sets us apart. Furthermore, it allows us to be in the group of specialists that compose about 2% of all US dentists. This shows our dedication to our profession and to be the best, and do the best that we can for all we meet and interact with. We truly get to know you and try to answer all your questions anytime so that you are active in your treatment. We want you to fully understand and be comfortable in anything we plan before we execute the work.


When asked about what sets them apart,

Dr. Singh’s thoughts are,
“We created our individual practices in the same location for convenience… but now we realize the benefits this has had on our consultation and treatment planning for our patients!  We are able to discuss situations when necessary as we can put our heads together… some of our patients joke around with us, saying they enjoy two specialists for the price of one!”


Dr. Chiu comments,
“We are always researching into new and improved materials, technologies, and equipment to be able to provide the best dentistry has to offer.  We want to make sure that beyond our own clinical skills, there is proven research and clinical evidence ensuring effectiveness and longevity for the dental procedures and materials that we use.”


Ensuring patient comfort is extremely important to us. We offer a pain-less injection technique (STA Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System). We also have nitrous oxide gas available for anxious patients.  Many patients have commented that they feel very comfortable in our calm and quite environment and appreciate a blanket when the fog rolls in!

On the contemporary and technology aspects, the doctors accumulate more than double the continuing education requirements to keep their skills up to date. They have acquired one of the latest dental lasers which allow them to perform various surgical and gum procedures rather painlessly and allowing a very rapid recovery compared to traditional techniques. Also, this laser is capable of being used as an adjunct to whitening teeth in less than half the time as traditional in-office whitening procedures.

Another aspect of the office is that we try to be as efficient and modern as we can. We utilize computer and cloud systems for managing the practice so that files and records can be safely and easily accessed. Digital x-ray technology is utilized to be quick, efficient, and minimize patients’ exposure to radiation. Digital photos are taken so instant pictures aid us in the planning and following your case from beginning to end.

A unique service we are providing is the “Teeth In A Day” or “All-on-4” treatment.  We are among the few specialists that offer this treatment approach. We cater the treatment to the specific patient and make sure there is good communication and appropriate followup.  The positive life changing experience our patients have received makes this all worth while.

From an environmental standpoint, we want to be efficient and try to reduce waste wherever possible. We are green conscious, recycle like most people in San Francisco, and we provide a clean and comfortable office and equipment.  We are continuously looking into ways we can help the environment as we help people.

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